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Sewing Service
Ace Tent Rental offers a full service sewing department. The sewing jobs we have done range from small banners to tarps for 53 ft long semi trucks. Ace Tent Rental started in 1985 as a small tent rental company. Ace Tent Rental has evolved into one of the largest tent rental companies in Indiana. We had the need to repair our tents, so we bought a sewing machine and our sewing department was a natural progression. 

Ace Tent Rental started making blank banners for the Fort Wayne sign community in 1990. We use 13 oz and 16 oz blackout material, we hem the edges and add grommets. We have a vinyl welder that allows us to weld two pieces of material to make any width you might need. Call us today for a free quote. We can usually get your blank banner finished within 24 hours.

In 2000, Ace Tent Rental started making truck tarps. We can make new tarps for your truck or trailers. We use 18 oz. coated pvc vinyl that is very strong that prevents tearing. Here are a few of the things we have made: semi-roll tarps, dump truck tarps, roll-off garbage box tarps and many other tarps. Call us today for a free quote. We can also arrange the installation of your truck tarp, even large semi trailers. We have a quick turn around time, call us today. 

Ace Tent Rental also repairs most materials. If you have something that needs repaired, call us and schedule a time for one of our sewing professionals to take a look at your item.
Things we have made:
*blank banners
*truck tarps
*grill covers
*18 ft x 20 ft sliding doors for warehouse use
*toolbox covers
*chair covers
*trailer covers
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